Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Finally - Drawers in my Kitchen

You may have read on occasion my frustration with my kitchen (or lack of) drawers. Well I finally did something about it. I purchased 2 IKEA Akurum 12" drawer cabinets with adel fronts.
I installed them per directions, except instead of Capita legs, I used 11" Ekby Bjarnum shelf supports (I needed to clear a baseboard heater). For the top I reused an EKBY MOSSBY 14" stainless steel shelf (No longer available) I was using in the same place for wall storage, minus the Bjarnum supports. Since the shelf was about and 1 1/2" too short I made it longer with a piece of 1" Square dowling I found at Lowes and cut down into two 14" pieces and screwed onto the the sides- which I actually like the looks of. I attached the old shelf to the top and I have a stainless steel countertop on my new drawer unit! Now to add the handles and I will have drawers -Finally
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H2 said...

Your new drawer unit looks smart and clean. Nicely done.

I came to drawers in kitchens late in life but now wouldn't want to live without 'em.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Love the look and it is functional too!
Thanks for linking to 2nd Time Around!

Carl Patten said...

I noticed those fingerprints and blots on your counter. One simple tip to keep it shining like new is to wipe it frequently, especially right after you use it. Spray some stainless steel cleaning reagents and wipe it off with a soft absorbent cloth to keep that stainless steel sheen.