Monday, May 12, 2008

Some Money saving Re-Use tips

From Tightwad Central here are some $$$ saving tips that could also be considered Re-Use tips-

Uses for old Coffee Mugs- Instead of spending money on the newest kitchen gizmo, here’s one ready and willing to be used. Use a coffee mug to heat small servings of frozen vegetables, without using bigger containers like bowls and such. The ceramic mugs heat from the sides and cook better and faster than other containers. After dinner, use the mug to have a scoop or two of ice cream. Better than carrying around a bowl and it's got an insulated handle. Fewer spills with the mug, too. Try it. You won't go back to bowls.

Cereal Box Savings- The plastic cereal liners, ( the bag in the cereal box) replaces what used to be wax paper. These liners have lots of uses, so always save these liners after the cereal is gone. Carefully pull the seams apart and you'll have a long length of liner paper to use for baking, cooking, lining shelves or any other purposes. When making pastry crust, roll dough between two sheets, pastry pulls-up nice. Liners can be torn into squares and used to cover items placed into the microwave oven. These liner squares don't catch fire and they keep moisture in the food and the splatters off the interior microwave walls. Use the box to make magazine Holders or use for place mats for crafts or out in the garage, when you take apart small motors or assemble parts with small screws and such, do it in the box with one side cut off so you can catch screws and other small part before they fall on the floor (you can also do this with shoe box tops, other small boxes, then recycle the box.

DO WHAT WITH MY UNDERWEAR? What to do with old underwear? Worn underwear will allow you to tear out the wide elastic strip. Save the elastic for later use with sewing needs. Cut the worn, clean, and undamaged material into a sheet to use like cheese cloth for straining foods or for baking and cooking needs. I have cooked in my underwear but never cooked with my underwear!


Allie said...

I use our old underwear for dusting. Works great!

Mugs are awesome. I use them for all the things you mentioned. And everyone always seems to have a ton of mugs, so it works out well.

Chile said...

Yeah, rags are ok, but no way am I use old undies for food processing.

Another good use for the cereal bags is pressing out corn tortillas.

Robj98168 said...

Cmon chile, that is no way to be green and self sufficient. At least they say to wash the undies first! Our ancestors would have loved to have some meshhy undies to make yogurt in!