Friday, May 30, 2008

Burien Farmers Market - New Favorite thing!

Since I got a bit sentimental on jars yesterday, I thought I would go all soft again today and write on one of my other new Favorite things: The Burien Farmers' Market The Burien Farmers' market is held on Thursdays. They did a study and found an odd weekday would be better for their farmers' market as they aren't competing with other markets on weekends, and they could get more vendors (farmers) by having it on a weekday. For me it is great, as I don't go to work until after 2pm. There are always lots of different farms represented and different vendors. I bought my worm bin there and the redworms- that was cool because it saved me the gas to get the worms from Seattle tilth and I didn't have to mail order them. And since a CSA is not in my immediate future, I can get food supporting the ideals of the 100 mile diet. I would like to join a CSA, but finding one has been a problem. They usually prefer to serve and have drop offs in the Seattle city-west and or north but not south. I finally found a couple that drop off here, one about 4 miles away, one right around the corner from home but at a bad time (during work) and one about a block from work. But too late to join! So I get my Local produce at the farmers' market. And when I am there i get entertained. There is usually a Jazz Duo performing there and selling their albums, and artists. And I get to try new things! I made a leek and potato soup last night and loved it. I never had leeks before! So, I can say I love the local farmers' market. Find your local farmers market or CSA program here. Try one around you!

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