Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hand Powered Blender

I found it! Crunchy Chicken's post today about voluntary simplicity had a blurb in it about the Dervaes family, and of course I had to comment that I found a video on the Dervaes, that I had posted about 2 weeks ago. Of course, kitchen gadget junkie that I am, I took notice of their hand powered blender. I found it! It is available online! This is so cool! IF I drank I could make margaritas anywhere! Shakes and Smoothies when camping. As for their coffee grinder- well my parents had a hand crank coffee grinder much like theirs and my memory of that thing was it was so useless I would prefer not to drink coffee! But I found the blender!!!


Anonymous said...

Just imagining the sore muscles I'd have the first few times I used that thing. Probably would be good for me. But the margaritas would cancel it out, right.

Verde said...

Very cool. I want to figure out how to pedle power the grain mill. The one in their video is the exact one I have on backorder (lots of folks suddenly thinging about hand cranking grain I guess).

I made my family watch their video last night. The lights went on with the kids who said "hey isn't that the size of our yard?"