Saturday, May 9, 2015

Burien Farmer's market opens!

One of my favorite things is our local Farmer's Market. This year, especially, because my Business partner, Kellie, (an accomplished seamstress) and I are going to hopefully, have a booth there. Our business is called Hammer and Stitch, (I'm Hammer, she's stitch). Anyway our plan is to be at the third week of every month selling crafted items. So hopefully see some of locals out there this year. But Back to the Market... Opening day is cool because, for me at least, it marks the beginning of spring, the onset of Summer. I picked up some duck eggs, fresh asparagus, some OMG! Balsamic vinegars and some beautiful white radishes. It turned into this dinner for me: Duck Egg omelette, with roasted Asparagus and a green salad with Raspberry Balsamic vinegar. Quite tasty, quite good. And farm fresh!

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