Friday, July 19, 2013

Egg Vanilla Cream

A classic drink in New York, The Egg Cream has neither egg nor cream in it. But it does have chocolate, and in my version,Vanilla Cream Soda!
Take a large glass
fill it with Chocolate Syrup (about 2 TBLSP)
and about halfway up with milk
stir well
Then fill to the top with Vanilla Cream Soda
the usual recipes say soda/seltzer water, I choose Cream Soda to get the vanilla flavor.


mudnessa said...

My dad was just saying how this was his favorite drink to get when he was a kid and I had no idea what it was. He grew up in Brooklyn and the Bronx. It sounds DELICIOUS with vanilla cream.

Kathe said...

Oh yum! Pinned :-)