Monday, July 8, 2013

Aqua Man

Meet MacDonald, the newest member to the Rob's World family. Old Mac,unlike his canine counterparts, has a job. To make doo doo in this tank!
My AquaFarm from Back to the roots came in. Back To The Roots is where I buy my mushroom kits and supplies, so I know their quality, so when I saw they had these "AquaFarms" coming out I signed up for one! An AquaFarm is a home aquaponics planter/aquarium.
The Idea is that your fish's waste and such, gets pumped up to the reservoir on top of the tank, where it supplies the plants and seeds with a fish nutrient rich supply of water, the plant roots in turn ""filter the water before returning it to the tank. BTTR suggests a betta, such as Mac, as the ideal fish for my little farm, all though I envision someday doing this with a large tank and tilapia!
Setting up the Aqua Farm 

Seeds are planted. I started with the seeds that came with the kit... Wheat grass, Lettuce and Genovese Basil. After I figure out what the hell I am doing, I will try other herbs.

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The Cheap Vegetable Gardener said...

Reminds me of the bit more artsy but less practical version I wrote about a couple years ago...I need to get one of these :)