Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Reusing Carafes

Every once in awhile I get a bunch of carafes, be it that I don't have good luck with coffee makers or whatever (actually I do, ever since I said no to standard coffee makers and went with a one cup coffee maker and a coffee press) Anyway, here are some uses I found for used coffee carafes...
A metal bottom carafe makes a nice Ivy Planter

PLANTERS: I used one a few years back as a planter for an Ivy Plant. Spray painted black on the inside first to emulate a nice pitcher of dark roast coffee!

Pitchers: Use those carafes for pitchers for juice, water or martinis.
Picture from Mosby Building Arts

Fish bowl: while not having done this yet, I wouldn't rule it out! Probably make one out of an old blender first.

Vase- Just like a wine carafe, a coffee carafe of fresh flowers is a nice way to say have a great day in the morning with your breakfast!

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