Friday, November 16, 2012

REBLOG: Holiday Favorites

I am reblogging this particular post,from 12/21/2011, as I plan on doing a "Grinch" Tree this year and thought since yesterday we talked about alternative Christmas tress, it would be fitting to share this post again

Every year it happens - people post some of the most creative things. Here are my Favorites for this year...

Ok, if I had seen this Grinch Tree prior to putting up my artificial one, I would have done it as well. I am loving this whimsical tree that  you can plant after the Holiday

 I have an old sled, made by my grandpa for my dad, used later for ME by my mom to cart her baby to the town grocery and post office (they installed a wooden box on it) and I still have the sled! While it is too big to use as a centerpiece in my dining room, it could be used to put my grinch tree on next year! I love this centerpiece from Tammy Hodges, one of my fellow contributors at Junkmarket Style!
This little "Solar-Powered Santa" can be found at Even with a pompom instead of an LED light, he would be a jolly old elf to put on my tree!
Looks like I will be busy next year. I know how to make tied dyed looking glass ornaments with clear glass ornaments and tempera paints, but ChrysN explains how to make these cool ornaments with Sharpies and Rubbing Alcohol!
 Finally, we come to another sled- an ornament made from popsicle sticks!

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