Friday, September 28, 2012

Independence Days Challenge update for the week of 9/28

Plant:  Garlic
Harvest: Sugar Pumpkins; Corn; Tomatoes; Bell Pepper; Onions
Preserve: Processed and froze pumpkin for pies, etc; Froze corn; Froze Tomatoes
Prepare:  Still updating my Laundry/Pantry/Mudroom
Local Foods: Some Cookies and bread from the Farmers' Market
Community: Took a bag of tomatoes to the food bank; took some cat food and a bag of  litter to the local animal shelter (they are in need); printed and distributed flyers concerning the Dog Park I and a bunch of Dog owners hope to get built!
Making Do (Repair, Re-Duce, Re-Use, Recycle): Reusing the corn stalks from the corn I harvested for a Halloween decoration before putting them in the yard waste bin

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