Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hot Dog Hash

I was watching “The Chew” one day- (Yeah I know- but hey Days of our Lives was pre-empted) Anyways, it made me reminiscent for the Hot Dog Hash my Dad use to make… It was one of the few things on his repertoire. And one of the things I love the most. I don’t know if it was incented to to find a use for the extra two wieners in the hot dog pack ( Eight hot dogs to a pack, 6 buns to a package) Or something Dads just made because they could.

Did your Dad cook when you were little? Mine did and his repertoire was:
    ·         Frozen Turkey, Chicken or Beef Pot Pie, which we ate in front of the T.V. watching the Galloping Gourmet
    ·         Leftover School Chicken (Dad worked in a School as a Janitor, and the cooks would give it to him to take home)
             Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese sandwiches Tomato soup was a can of stewed tomatoes with milk
    ·         Sausage hash with egg
    ·         Beenie Weenies
    ·         Kidney Pie (don’t ask) Suffice it to say to leave it to my dad to find the only canned kidney pie in the known universe
    ·         Canned Tamales, which I still love and consider a comfort food 
    It’s not like dad couldn’t cook- he could stuff a great potato sausage. But the fondest memory I have is his Hot Dog Hash

    A Hot Dog
    Some form of potatoes- I had some “Potatoes O’Brien” in the freezer, but you can use leftover potatoes as well. Dad used to use Canned Potatoes, something I haven’t seen in grocery stores in ages!
    Any leftover veggies you might want to use up leftovers or
    An Egg or two (Optional)
    Pour a tablespoon of oil in pan, Fry the potatoes in that. While potatoes are frying, add the hot dog, sliced in medallions, Fry until the potatoes are done. Then scramble the egg if desired and add that. Cook until done.
    Serves 2

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