Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Home Improvement Goals 2012

Every year I make a list of goals to accomplish for home and hearth. Last year was a loss, so some of these might seem familiar! DIY Goals for 2012
1- Finish the Garage- I have been putting this one off for awhile. The Idea is to finish the garage with walls and a ceiling, and some wall storage units. Hopefully for the future as I plan to make it my work space for retirement.
2- Build a new green house- or rather, build a more permanent green house space rather than the giant ziplock bag I have now. Already planned and ordered, have the perfect spot for it. And it should help winterize my bedroom windows as well!
3- Bike storage- I need a shed for my Bicycle(s) and Romeo’s trailer. This has been in the plans forever- Bought a pre-fab shed, but after reading the instructions almost gave me a seizure, I am going a bit simpler on design. And yes I will use material from shed kit to build this!
4- Enclose The porch: another long term goal. I think I am getting close to knowing what I need and want for it.
5- Remodel the Main Bathroom- Needs paint, a new toilet, new vanity. I need to get to the “as-Is” department at Ikea!
6- New cabinets in Kitchen- Slowly, but surely my Kitchen needs an upgrade. Found cabinets I like that won’t break the bank to badly.

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