Friday, January 6, 2012

Dropping the F-Bomb Internationally

Never one to be shy about dropping an "F-Bomb" or two, when ever I took a language class, I used to be so saddened by the fact the instructors would not teach us how to cuss in those respective languages. In Junior High, Senorita Moore said No. In High School Frau Pauler said Nein. In college, Herr Hoem said Nei. I mean, really? Without this all important knowledge, how am I supposed to ever drive in a foreign country? Well thanks to Google Translater, I now can drop the F-bomb in any language I want.
Spanish: Vete a la mierda 
German: Fick dich 
Norwegian: faen ta deg 
Swedish: fan ta dig
Welsh: Ffyc chi 
Affrikaner: Fok jou 
Swahili: Fuck wewe

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Chile said...

You might enjoy a little book all about the F-word. The title even includes it, which I won't here so that the F-word does not show up in searches on your blog. But the title is "F---, Yes!" Quite an amusing read.