Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A take off on another take-off, does that make me a double copy cat?

I saw an Eames Inspired Shelving unit on Ikea Hackers some time ago, and was inspired myself to make something simular to put in my Studio closet to hold art supplies, gifts, etc. I didn't use the APA box in mine, nor put a piece of MDF Birch veneered plywood on the back, but i think I got the same effect. I used 2 craft crates, from Michael's (also available at JoAnn's) instead of the APA boxes. I simply figured where they should go, drilled whatever holes I need and screwed the Hyllis legs onto the boxes. I really like the unit. It makes my closet in the Studio look sharp and organized, until your eye veers over to the overstacked work table, which proves I am not neat and organized!

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