Friday, October 14, 2011

Freeze Yer Buns 2011

Time to break out the blankets and the fur lined under wear... Ms. Chicken has Announced the Freeze yer Buns challenge 2011. Yes Folks, the annual challenge where The Crunchy Chicken encourages all to lower their thermostats (at least a few degrees), and reap the rewards... A frozen butt and blue balls? No, but save $$$. I figure I saved at least $300 last year doing this, and more this year (no Martin running his A/C all night long with the heater on) so I should be in for a whopping savings! Even if you can only drop one or two degrees it should still show up on on your electric and/or gas/oil bill. And save a few energy units at the same time! And you know that is a WIN WIN!

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