Friday, January 7, 2011

Odd Jobs

Doing some little jobs around the house the last couple of days...
I needed a new clothes hanging rail in this closet... didn't want to go to the hardware store... so I re-used a shower curtain rod that I took down and replaced a couple of months ago. Maybe needs a coat of paint.
And I have the first major job of 2011-
I need to repaint this room from the ugly deep purple to something nice- first i needed to patch the walls. This room is going to become my new studio to do projects in. So we will see what I come up with for a crafting table, day bed, etc. etc.


Condo Blues said...

Do You have a Habitat Restore? Mine sells kitchen cabinets for around $30 a pop. When I build my garage workshop, I'm going to use old base cabinets topped with a door for my workbench and tool storage.

Chile said...

Yep, a quick coat of paint on that shower rod would brighten it right up.

That is an ... interesting ... choice of color for a room. Must have been very dark!

Robj98168 said...

@Lisa- We have something like ReStore- called 2nd Chance that also benefits Habitat- but I am thinking of using my Dining room table as I don't need that monolith table- about same size as a door

@Chile- That's what I was thinking, and yes the room was very very dark- even the ceiling is painted Deep Purple. Blech.