Saturday, July 10, 2010

Get a Haircut, Save a beach...

You know I was just sitting around watching Romeo's fur grow, and thought"too bad I don't have hair, cause I would send it to Matter of Trust so they could make oil boons and mats out of it. Romeo has hair, rather fur, but he isn't due for a hair cut for a couple of weeks. How could I support Matter of Trust until then. Well Dilbert why not look at their website? The have a "Ways to support button" there, where you will find some neat posters, t-shirts and sample hair mats and boons for sale! I didn't buy anything for myself but had to buy a shirt for the beggar-
Romeo and his "Get a Haircut, Save a Beach (Ask Me How) T-Shirt
Anyway, until his next haircut, this will have to do for him.Maybe I will get one by then. And there always is the donation button!!!

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Condo Blues said...

Go Romeo! This one's all his. Blitzkrieg would never wear a shirt, even for sea otters.