Sunday, May 3, 2009

Free Cycling- Corporate Edition

I was walking around one of the main buildings at work, and I saw a sign"Free Corner" and on top of a small file cabinet there were Items that folks were giving to each other. Upon looking further, I noticed the items were not limited to office supplies, but rather to small items that folks were gifting to each other. I thought how cool- if you need a stapler, check this free corner first! My company has always been pretty good about their surplus items, We have big surplus bins on the loading dock that the company takes and resells. They use to have a surplus sales store that was very popular here for years. They closed that and now do mainly online auctions. But how cool to have a group do that at work on their own. This Free-Cycle thing is getting big! How about were you work? Do you have any type of free cycle or surplus program?

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Jennifer said...

Very cool! Both of my works are tiny non-profits, so not much waste at all!