Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fake Plastic Rob- The Weekly Challenge Update

The Fake Plastic Gauntlet Challenge-
Starring Rob as The Wannabe Fake Plastic Fish
guest starring
Sammy The cat as Soots the cat

When I started this I totally expected to have a low total. What an eye opener! How quick we forget about bread wrappers, coffee lids etc.
I have a greater appreciation for what Beth goes through day in and day out. Now I realize that we were not suppose to alter our patterns for this challenge, but you can’t help it when you have on the back of the mind WWFPFD? I was surprised how easily forces beyond my control throw plastic at me. I was also surprised I remembered my own shopping bag all week. The coffee thing is something I gotta work on. I am very good at carrying my own mug (muggsly) everywhere, but I also forget from time to time. If I am more vigilant over my forgetfulness, I can be more like Beth. I even wrote an email to a company over their packaging- The American Peanut Company.
Notice I divide my waste to total amount, amount to be re-used and amount to be recycled. Of course one realizes it is better to reduce, but it’s nice to know I do pretty well at re-using and re-cycling.
Total plastic waste=28.25 ounces
Total of Plastic to be recycled =2.0
Total of Plastic for re-use= 21oz
Total to be Discarded= 6.0 ounces

Notice the nice new t-shirt- No plastic waste at all !
Container lid and straw from a Mocha Joe .5 ounces


Sammy "Soots" can't leave the plastic alone
A small container of 2 cycle motor oil (kept the container to use for a measure cup and I can buy a larger size of the same oil)
A large ziplock bag that Romeo’s dog food comes in (washed the bag- will reuse) 2.0
(obviuosly that is not the ziplock bag- that bag is on tomorrows count)

A couple of plastic bags that some of my compost came in (will reuse those bags in the garden)
A zippered bag that I got as a gift containing a mattress pad (reuse to put sweaters in)

Milk Jug (recycle) I would buy milk in a glass bottle if it were available- stores that sell it (whole Foods, PCC) have no interest in expanding south of Seattle
2 small (single serving) bags of peanuts – I thought they were paper, plastic that looks and feels like paper? The nerve!
Total for Tuesday- 15 oz

1 Large (5lb) container from NW BEST POTATO SALAD 2.5 OZ(reuse for a compost container to feed worms in worm bin)
2 top ramen wrappers .5 Oz
3 envelopes with plastic windows- recycle
1 Large envelope that my Union Lobbyist pin came in

1 very small ziplock bag that the pin came in way to small to re-use
1 six pack ring- cut up before throwing away (need to figure out a way to reuse those in an art project one of these days)
Total for Wednesday- 4.5 oz

1 small plastic bag that contained four of the best snickerdoodles I ever ate (bought at the farmers market).25 oz will reuse for cheese or something
1 small plastic cup from a “Crystal Light” orange drink mix (My “orange Juice”).25 TOTAL WASTE FOR THURSDAY= .50 Oz.
1 plastic lid from a coffee(I was bad this week- that’s two coffee purchases and no Muggsly).25 oz
2 “ramen” wrappers (Notice I don’t include the seasoning packets with the top ramen – I am not cheating- I save them if the recipe doesn’t call for them- then when a recipe calls for boullion or stock and I don’t have any they go in) .5 oz
1 Dakota Organic Hamburger package-.5 (at least it was“organic”)
1 Ziplock type bag from shredded mozzarella cheese .5 (will reuse)

1 Ziplock style bag from cheese- .5 oz (will be re-used)
1 plastic cover from a hacksaw I bought (drives me nuts that the feel they need that kind of packaging- like the tool will spoil or something ).5 oz
1 plastic spoon that broke- am going to buy only wooden mixing spoons from now on 1.0 ounces
Total for Saturday 2.0 ounces

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge- Year two, week 3
Note I added a new (old) Category to sharon’s challenge: “Cook or Eat something new” because I missed that part of last years challenge so much. And I think it is important to try new things (food wise) this gives me an opportunity to find new ways to cook things- This week I went totally Ramen crazy and made Tomato Pie for the first time
1. Plant something: India Mustard greens, Arugula; Purple Kohl Rabi; Chives, Spaghetti Squash
2. Harvest something: dandelion greens
3. Preserve something: Dehydrated some “orange flesh” honey dew melon, dehydrated cantaloupe
4. Reduce Waste (recycle, reuse, reduce or compost something): Re-used an old mattress pad for weed block;
5. Preparation and Storage: nope
6. Build Community Food Systems: Saved coupons to take for sustainable Burien meeting, for food bank.
7. Eat the Food: ate some dandelion greens
8 Cook or eat something new: Made Ramen noodle Surprize and I made Ramen Spaghetti Pie; Tomato Pie

Melinda’s Growing Challenge I planted India Mustard greens, Arugula; Purple Kohl Rabi; Chives, Spaghetti Squash; Harvested some Dandelion greens for a salad

MELINDA'S BUY SUSTAINABLY CHALLENGES: Did pretty good… ate out twice- all local (no chain restaurants); Bought my spaghetti squash plants at the farmers market;


The Pirate Farmer said...

Nice Shirt!

Condo Blues said...

What did you use to weigh your plastic waste for the week? My bathroom scale isn't working very well to weigh mine.

Robj98168 said...

PF- I like it!
CB-I havea small diatetic/postal scale