Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Check in

Well time to check in again. I think this post I will tell you about the folks who work at The Cantina.

BOH (Back of House)

Devin, Kitchen Lead- quiet likeable guy. Makes no waves. Creates no problems. Loves the Mariners, Seahawks and Sounders. Pretty much Chaos free. And a most excellent cook in the kitchen

Maat- Maat is my Rock. He is a budding musician, and a great cook. And he is the kinda guy you want to work for you. Very reliable, very attentive.

Tyler- Likable young guy. Can be chaotic at times. But over all a good kid. His mouth and/or attitude can get him in trouble. (Reminds me of me)

FOH (Front of House)

Nell bell- The Grand Dame of the Cantina- Experienced Bartender. And a good friend.

Austin- Little tiny gay dude that looks like he is 12. But he is a very capable bartender. And also a good friend.

Mandolin- Very quiet country guy. Big Johnny Cash/Elvis fan. Fun to talk to because we have so much in common.

Jake (Bar Manager) Jake is very quiet and soft spoken. Harder to get close to than the others, but then I think that is a self-protective thing with him.The man knows how to mix a mean drink.

Dulci- Our Saturday bartender- Very personable, a definite customer favorite.

Jessie - Our Sunday bartender. Very knowledgeable and professional. Always has good hints from her years of ex[erience, and happy to share.

Rob- Fill in Bartender- My favorite of all. Of course it is me!

There you have the staff of the Black Zia Cantina, the group of cool folks that keep the cantina running like a top!

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