Friday, March 11, 2016

Modern Victory Garden Challenge, Month 1

The first month of the Modern Victory Garden Challenge saw not a whole lot going on... Blame the wet weather, or just plain laziness, but still got some things done:

1- Grow your own- Planted some beet seeds, chard seeds, kale seeds, radish seeds and pea seeds. Started some tomatoes and fennel. Radishes are sprouting. Started some lentil sprouts. Started some Cauliflower and Thinking about corn...
2-Repair your own –Repaired a broken shovel handle
3- Learn something NEW! Nothing…Yet
4-Eat It! Nothing to harvest yet. Did make a cola pot roast and bagged up the leftovers to use for sandwiches, ate it for about a week! 
5- PRESERVE IT! – Nothing to preserve yet

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