Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Every now and then I go into the past!. THis originally came from my former DIY blog. Love these cones. easy to make and easy on the budget! From Rob's DIY Blog November 28, 2008: DIY Christmas Cones
I watch Ms. Oprah every now and then- My mom usually has it on. I saw how to make these hot chocolate cones- a perfect gift for children, co-workers or keep on hand as an emergency gift for unexpected guests who pop in- Easy to make, the hard part is finding the piping bags (I went to Michael's and found them, I would think JoAnn Crafts would have them as well or any gourmet shop)Anyway here are the instructions for making Hot Chocolate Cones And when done you can put them in an inexpensive mug for next to nothing if you want, and fill the mug with hersheys kisses!

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