Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wasted Space!

Ever watch “WASTED SPACES” on the DIY Network? Host Karl Champley goes around and finds wasted spaces in homes, and solves the wasted space problem by building cool little cubbyholes for storage, computers and such. Well, Karl, I have one such space. Under my kitchen counter,  (my counter top is an “L” shape) in the corner is there is no cabinet. Nothing, except 4 square feet of wasted space. My idea was to build a cabinet on the backside in the hallway to hold towels, toilet paper, etc. etc. So I took and made a “box”. After demo’ing the wall to make room for it I installed the box in it. The box has a removable back so I can access a hose bibb(faucet) on the outside wall. Built a door and we are in business! Now I have a storage for towels and T.P. or whatever my little heart desires. No expensive remodel either. Just a bit of elbow grease and some cheap lumber!!!

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