Monday, May 27, 2013

New life for an Old POANG Chair

Poang... That iconic chair from IKEA, what do I do when I see one on the side of the road that obviously has seen better days?

The POANG frame... getting a new life as Patio Furniture!
I throw it in the truck!!! I was looking at the frame and thought... I bet that could make a cool piece of patio furniture. So some light sanding, and cutting, and some cedar fence boards, and voila a Poang Patio chair!!! Now to decide if I paint it or stain it...


Kathe said...

I vote stain. I see these going for so cheap on Craigslist all of the time. Now, I will be looking closer because I am in love with what you did with yours Rob!

sandyquilts said...

Paint it a BRIGHT summer color like aqua.

kw said...

Yes! I was thinking Aqua too. Like a milky aqua, if that makes sense. But just the slats. Stain the structural parts.
Then, make more and paint the next one coral, then yellow, etc.
When you're tired of the colors you can paint over with charcoal grey or sand it back and stain.
Please post pics of finished product!

Jake said...

ps... I vote stain.