Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sustainable fair in Ballard

This group powered bicycle gives a new meaning to car pool

I took a little trip up to Ballard to attend the sustainable ballard fair. Didn't see Crunchy (as Ballard is her home base, and I never arranged to meet up) They always do it right in Ballard. I was talking to the folks who raise goats right in Seattle and got the impression they think of Burien as a little country town in South King County. Well I had to tell him that there aren't too many little country towns in South King County, just small-towned minded city council members who like to make rules on what you can and cannot do (like raise goats or chickens)-Anyway back to the fair- Romeo decided he didn't like goats- chickens where okay in his books but he just don't trust those goats. I thought I would see lots of electric cars up there- but I don't know what happened to the Green Car Company- they were a major sponsor and even donated an electric bike for a raffle but were not there! But Pacific EV was there and we had a good discussion on converting my MGB to electric. Imagine plugging in your car and taking off to the car shows with no gasoline! I was still disappointed in the green car company not being there so I could look at an NEV close up. Oh well,another time I suppose- Other activities included a bicycle built for six,

pressing fresh apple cider, making your own shopping bags (you actually were to make two one for yourself and one to donate to the Ballard Food Bank)

I am a little light headed at looking and discussing solar power, too. I dream of lining my roofs with solar arrays and then am told I don't want to go off the grid- Apparently all the rebates and stuff are for grid customers only. Stifle my dreams but don't kill them!

Larry Hagman's Solar Power- An array of panels that
even would put a smile on J.R. Ewing's face

Shit I want Larry Hagman's solar array system, of course I will have to buy a house with a football field to house them. So another dream stifled, but not gone.

Anyway I had a great time up at the Sustainable Ballard fair. Great group of folks they got up there.

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Crunchy Chicken said...

Oh, I'm so jealous. I wanted to go but was still too illin'. It was a beautiful day for it too!

I'm glad you got a chance to represent though.