Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rave: The Weather

It is too nice to work- that’s my motto- we have been having nice warm weather- got up to 85 today- suppose to get to 86 tomorrow.
I don’t know how, in grey Seattle, they can expect folks to work when we have inclemently warm weather-Indian summer what have you.I managed to do a little gardening this morning- planted chard, mesclun and lettuce seeds, I did. Then go and have a nice little breakfast with my puppy. I just love nice days like this.
I propose a new bill in congress that we all get Sunny Days Off. So we can blow work off. For Me. We can call it The “It’s Sunny so I don’t have to go to work so blow me bill”! Or the "Blow Me" bill for short.
Think of it- people will feel so good they will go out and shop and frequent sidewalk restaurants and cafés and the economy would be healed! I is a geniuos. Screw Ben Stein. Vote for Rob for Head Geniuos. Maybe then he will even learn to spell genious right!