Wednesday, September 2, 2009

007- License to bark (and pee, poop and lick)

Well I gave into government today and got Romeo a dog license. Sammy is still a fugitive, being an unlicensed cat, but Romeo now has a license to be a dog. They are getting a bit silly here about licenses, Rumour has it that Burien is going to institute a Bike License. But that in itself wouldn't pay for bike lanes, they want to start a surcharge on your car! To pay for Bike lanes. I have to tell you if that ever gets to the voters, I would have to vote Hell No. This recession is starting to get to me, folks. First the King county Executive wants to shut down all the King County parks- well at least the ones in less desirable neighborhoods in the county (read "Lower Income Neighborhoods) while the eastside (Bellevue, Redmond) pretty much goes unscathed. Luckily the city of Burien which recently annexed a good size portion of the area north of me is going to take over the parks that the KCExec says cost too much for the county. Looking at these parks, I see very little to upkeep. Hell. If it helps I will take my tractor up there and mow the damn things. Thats about all the county does there. The real losers in this battle are the kids who live in these areas. And in Seattle they just reached an agreement with the affected unions to furlough workers for 2 weeks a year and shut down the libraries for a week as well. If elected officials are seriuos about saving money, why aren't they furloughing their own staffs, legal departments and closing the parks in their own neighborhoods? Smells of elitism.
Anyway didn't mean to get on a rant there folks. Just let it be known that Romeo D. Johnson now has a license to be a dog. And bark. Pee. and poop as long as he picks it up.


Fleecenik Farm said...

I agree! Last night I heard on our local public radio that the Commissioner of Health and Human services revolted in front of the state legislature. She, essentially, said that she has cut everything to the bone and if they want her to cut any more then they should make it law which program she needs get rid of.

Meanwhile the governor and all those mucky mucks have yet to take a pay cut.

Rosa said...

The one and only benefit of a bike license is that if the cops recover your bike they check the serial number against the license list and give your bike back.

Well, in theory. Here they only do that if you go looking for a lost bike. But i've lived places where the cops actively checked the license list before they sold off recovered bikes.

Condo Blues said...

Blitzkrieg got his license today too. I think it's supposed to help recover him if he's lost. Our shelters are supposed to look for a license tag and check it against a basebase of owner info and call us.