Saturday, September 5, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: Farewell, my subaru

Book Review



I like a book that I get for a reason only to find out it is a Humorous book, the kind were you can imagine the events and the people in it like you are there. That is this book!

I borrowed this book (Okay honestly- I borrowed this book on CD)from the library, as I am thinking about getting rid of one of my vehicles and purchasing an NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle). What I found was a humorous book about Doug Fine, a reporter that wanted to live a carbon neutral life so he bought a ranch in rural New Mexico, an proceeded to raise goats, chickens and his own veggies. Oh yeah- and quit driving his dependable Subaru, opting instead for a monster of a Ford pickup, that he converts to run on used Veggie Oil.

I chuckled through the chapters on how Doug describes his goats, Natalie and Melissa, and the trials and tribulations of keeping them out of his beloved roses. And of "Dick Cheney", the coyote who attacks his hens.

Mr. Fine is a very gifted writer with a gift of properly using the simile to describe his animals, neighbors and the very landscape of the area he lives in.

A great book if you ever thought of moving out into the nether regions and living on a farm, which convinced me I don't have the cajoles to do it. I think after reading the book, I will stay here and opt for a Dervae's lifestyle instead. But as I say, Mr. Fine is a gifted writer, with a superb use of language that makes this book never boring, and keeps the reader's (or listener's) attention. I don't want to say too much about the stories in the book for fear I give something away. But this book is well worth walking to the library and checking it out. I am so glad I did. As for me... Hmm... Sayonara My Suzuki or Ta Ta My Toyota???

Enjoy Farewell My Subaru... The Video

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