Saturday, September 19, 2009

A new favorite thing!

My latest favorite thing is something called Dryer Balls. They are these cool little spiny balls that have obvious benefits- no dryer sheets needed, no fabric softener(not that I use either of those). But I discovered a Bonus benefit- They actually cut down my drying time by 10- 15 minutes. I have heard you can put two tennis balls in the dryer and get the same effect, but hell I don't play tennis and Romeo wouldn't give up one of his tennis balls- (just mentioning taking one of Romi's balls is sensitve- he still remembers the "snip" incident with the Vet I suppose), so I can get my own balls for the dryer. Besides Romeo slobber on my fresh laundry? Blech. I also have read where you can make your own wool dryer balls. Wouldn't know how to felt them. So, anyway I bought the dryer balls at Ace for about $10, and they seem to work, and like I say- 10 to 15 minutes less dryer time per load is pretty cool!The electric bill saving will pay for those balls in no time! And yes I know that line drying is cheaper and better, but this is the rainy Northwest and often not an option. I suppose I could put up a line or get a dryer rack in the garage. But if I am going to use my dryer, I might as well use it less I say!


Condo Blues said...

I use tennis balls in the dryer and they work great! I got a couple of free tennis balls at events (one from a pet store the other from a fencing company at a home show.) Blitzkrieg's not a fan of tenns balls since the person who knocked out his eye, knocked out some teeth as well. He donated some of the tennis balls in the bottom of his toy box to the cause. I washed them in the washer before using them in the dryer.

Robj98168 said...
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Robj98168 said...

Poor blitzy- Didn't that guy take into consideration size of a tennis ball to the size of Blitzy? People can be so dumb!
I am glad to hear that the tennis balls work in the dryer though.