Thursday, September 24, 2009

Buy Hand for Christmas Ideas

Buy Hand for the Holidays Challenge - 2009
Getting into the spirit of the Crunchy Buy Hand Challenge(and an easy post for Rob!) here are some Easy to make gift suggestions for y'all to make:
Gifts to make you the Hit of the Christmas Party! Christmas Poop!

Reindeer Poop- Sherri Osborne (not Ozzy's wife but a craft blogger) Shows how to make all sorts of "Christmas Poop" gifts
and has templates on her blog for the tags. I plan on making my poop by melting some chocolate, adding nuts and raisins, and "hand molding" the poop! Or you can use raisenettes, chocolate Covered peanuts or any array of things.
Grinch Poop- Green Jelly beans
Snowman Poop- marshmallows and some coconut

Make a Dog Sweater
While this would not fit Romeo (I have big feet but not that big!), maybe fit Condo Blue's Blitzkreig, an easy sweater to make from an old Argyle sock, or use a wool sock

Make your own dog toys: Here is a collection of Dog Toys to make from every day objects. And of course, And here are the Cat toys! And what pet wouldn't want a fabulous 4 Poster Pet Bed?

Hot Chocolate Cones
I first saw this on Oprah- On her "payless holiday" show last year- these are super easy to make- step it up a notch and put them in a Christmas Cup (Of course I have dozens of Christmas Cups- people feel the need to give them to me every year- Here is a use for them!) And here is a recipe to make your own Cocoa Mix!

If Grandpa or Grandma like a little something stronger than cocoa, Make them some "Brandy" This is nothing more than infusing fruit into vodka, for Brandy, just add a cup of sugar. I am told that makes it Brandy. Not being a drinker I will take folks word on it.

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Condo Blues said...

Thanks for the thought, but I don't think that sweater would fit Blitzkrieg. He's too furry! He'd love some of your brandy though. Or deer poo. Not the fake homemad stuff - the real deal. He eats it. Ew.