Friday, September 11, 2009

Review: The Real Dirt on Farmer John

I figure I review books and since I do I should review some movies. There are a lot of good documentaries out there. Here is one of my favorites:
Well okay, I expected from the trailers, an expose on a farmer who wore funky clothes. What I got was a well done documentary on the problems with farming and the victories of CSA farming.

Starring John Peterson, who could of been any one of my cousins in North Dakota, and his struggle with the family farm which became his responsibility following the death of his father. It chronicles the challenges with the farm and his community throughout the years, the suspicion of devil worship, just because he was a little different. Because he was a little different is why he succeeds in building a nice little CSA.

I give this movie four and one half tomatoes out of five. Highly entertaining, it grabs you and you want to see what happens next. I would definitely recommend it.
PS I added the trailer to entice y'all!

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Farmer's Daughter said...

Thanks for the review! This has been in my Netflix queue for a while, but I keep moving others ahead. I'll have to check it out.