Thursday, September 10, 2009

Arts Aglow and Cruise Into Fall

Trying to squeeze one last weekend out of summer? The City of Burien will be hosting an "Arts Aglow" featuring many cool lanterns and entertainment at the Town Square and the B/IAS. An opportunity to go on an "art walk", kids can make lanterns, enjoy what's supposed to be nice weather and generally goof off.

And if that ain't enough to tickle your fancy, My car club, The Stratocruisers South will be hosting a car show on Cole street (the main drag) in Enumclaw, WA. All proceeds from the car show go to local Charities.
Yup, Saturday will be a full day for old Rob- car show at 6am, leave and hurry to the B/IAS to set up my lanterns in the garden! Phew! I am showing my 67 Vespa this year, and am going to "light" my "solig" lanterns made out of Crystal Light containers in the gardens.

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Condo Blues said...

Your Vespa is Sweet! I like the lanterns too.