Thursday, August 27, 2009


This post is in support of Chile's Park the Car Challenge. A challenge I am not registered for, as I need to drive to work. But I thought I would relate an experience I had to day PARKING THE CAR FOR CHILI. And Yes, I know. Chile is spelled with an "E" at the end not an "I". But read on:
Well today at work I had planned to have delicious, nutritious chili dogs for lunch. I got my lunch ready, got the hot dogs out. Got the buns out. I forgot to bring my can of Vegetarian Chili. So now what? Recently I have been reading Chile's Blog about parking the car. So I thought - I
have three good options- Get in my car and go to 7-11 and get a can of chili. 2- Go in my car , go to Mikes Gourmet Hot Dogs and get the king of all Chili Dogs 3- Ride my Work Bike to the store- bad idea as my work bike is in need of maintenance and truthfully I only use it when I don't have a van or electric go cart which is one advantage to cutting our crew from 9 to 3- I always have one or the other. 4- Screw 1, 2 and 3- Walk to the corner convenience store (About 1/2 mile from the front door at work. Ms.Chile, who rides her bike Hunnerts of miles a week with no booster, would be so proud of me for parking the car, yet disgusted at me for eating and loving Chili Dogs. So anyway I decided to park the car and go for a quick little walk. The walk takes me to a short cut through "springbrook trail park",Were a couple of years ago a rabbit dashed out and bit me. The only thing I have in common with Jimmy Carter- Unprovoked Rabbit attacks. Or I would have had to walk thorught the trail if they were not widening Interstate 405 to keep the citizens in Bellevue (the city in Washington, not the Famous Mental Hospital in New York - though I can't always tell the difference) happy. Of course Road contruction workers make me nervous as well, a bad experience I had as a kid and got into a F.U.! F.U.! Argument with one (Needless to say it was a case of him comparing me to Mama Cass - whom I loved- and saying that "Be Careful- Mama Cass choked on a sandwich"- to which my reply was something like "Don't be stupid your whole life, you worthless motherfucker" Even as a kid I had a mouth that my dad thought would get me killed before I was 21.)
Anyway I noticed with amazement how much bottled water and Gatorade these guys drink- And even more amazement when I saw they picked up every one of their empties. They had a box just for empty bottles and cans! Of course when I got to the store, I found I had forgotten my bag in the car, so I grabbed a can of chili and went to the register. $1.99 the clerk said. I paid him and of course he said- "Wanna bag?". Yes I did, but told him No I was fine. So there I go off back to work looking a tad bit like Mr. Magoo with my can of chili in one hand. Down the street.I had survived the walk, The construction workers, and the republican rabbits. Happy to be back at work, nuking my chili and my wienies. I parked the car. I survived. I ate Chili Dogs. Life is Good. Doesn't seem like a bad thing to once in awhile to hoof it.

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Chile said...

Rob, I am so proud of you for braving vicious rabbits and water-guzzling construction workers for your lunch! Many times, all it takes to "park the car" is putting a little bit of thought into the alternatives and you did a great job of that.