Sunday, August 9, 2009

Compost and Garden Parties- The Weekly Challenge Update

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge- Year two, week 15

1. Plant something: My garden-
2. Harvest something: 9 pounds of PLUMS; 2 pounds of TOMATOES;
3. Harvest Something From the Victory Garden for the Food bank- 2 pounds of Chard,1 pound of romaine lettuce,¼ pound of Jalapeno Peppers, ¼ pound of Basil, ½ pound Icicle Radish
4. Preserve something: More Basil Cubes, Dehydrated some banana chips and Cantaloupe slices.

5. Reduce Waste (recycle, reuse, reduce, repair or compost something): Made a rolling Bar out of an old A/V cart., Took the top (seat part) od a wicker stool/table that had been damaged- gonna make a new side table out of it. Took my Compost Bin to deposit compostable waste in to the community garden party
6. Preparation and Storage: Am looking to add some new shelves to the pantry to help with canned goods and canning supplies. And no Ms. Crunchy I will not buy new ones- luckily I have some old shelving in the garage.
7. Build Community Food Systems: Took 4 pounds of veggies to the food bank from the community garden, Did my watering day at the community garden. Participated in the Community Garden Party.

8. Eat the Food (cook or eat something new)- Marinated Veggie Kabobs that I took to the garden party.

Melinda’s Growing Challenge: Seeds- I got seeds dammit! From the Broccoli that wont grow (one plant bolted and seeded during the hot weather) and -I don’t know if this counts, My Friends Rebecca and Bill gave me an envelope of Kale seeds from their garden. Oh yeah I am saving some tomato seeds from the varieties that I have grown fond of.

Meat Free Mondays: Breakfast was a raspberry muffin from Burien Press. Lunch was a veggie burger, some chips and some fruit. Dinner was more fruit and some cereal.

Crunchy’s Buy Nothing Challenge: Have not done any shopping per say except for projects. I made an outdoor bar table out of a stop sign and some plumbing pipe and fittings- only thing bought for this project was 4 wood screws, and technically I didn’t buy them I used my gift card I received from Ace Hardware. I can happily say for the first two days I only bought a 2” PVC Bushing, to make a fruit picker out of, Some clear plastic tubing (not counting as it is to make a sight gage for work out of) A thermometer for the Community garden. Oh yeah a replacement grill for the BBQ I made out of a steel truck wheel. I should get credit for that one though- the wheel came from Freecycle, the legs I had sitting around. The only part I bought was the grill. I would have looked at free cycle, but then what to do with rest of the BBQ? I thought it was more wasteful to take an old BBQ just for the grill, and then throw away the base- of course I could have taken it to the recycle center as scrap or made a funky planter out of it. I bought an Ikea office chair from Value Village for 4.99. Used it was. I am making a new office chair out of it. So I will probably have to by some wood and screws in the near future. Oh Yeah I bought a (broken) Wicker table/stool at VV the same day that will be come a new table when I add atray bought at a thrift store months ago to the top. Nothing new or boxy was bought by Rob this week. And I got two new books, “Depletion and Abundance” by Sharon Astyk and “Edible Estates: Attack on the Front Lawn ” By Fritz Haeg. But both where paid and ordered for before August 1st, and Edible Estates was a used book, so I doubt that counts against me. Every morning I have coffee and most mornings a muffin or pastry from Burien Press Espresso shop. Not apologizing for that- they are a new local shop and really nice folks and I want to see them succeed.

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