Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Garden report

What I did on my summer vacation. By Rob.

Well time for a garden update. I thought I would walk around and tell you what’s going right and wrong in the garden.
Self Watering Containers- I would have to say this has been one of my greater successes. Although, I don’t’ suggest putting four Tomato plants in one container. Gets a bit hard to manage.

The peppers love the SWC’s- or maybe it’s the heat wave!

Upside down tomato planters made from pop bottles- 50/50 on this one. Peppers don’t seem to like hanging upside down much, and I find I have better luck with tomato varieties that are meant for growing in planters (hanging types like tumbler - will try robin tomatoes next year) Otherwise somewhat of a wash

The mint likes it's upside down home

The peppers not so much

Vertical Garden- Just started mine- but so far I love it. Seeds haven’t sprouted yet

Potato Condo- The potato plants grew well- now wait and see what I harvest!

NEW THINGS- Artichoke- Never planted before. Cant wait to eat it.

Watermelon- Lots of buds- no melons (yet)

Chinese Cabbage (Napa Cabbage)- definite for a go for fall and next spring-

PLANTS I STARTED FROM SEED- Pumpkins doing very well.
“Aunt Shirley’s” squash doing well
Acorn squash doing well
Bird Gourd - succumbed to heat wave - try again next year.
Tomatoes- Did okay, the ones that survived the Cat attack!

What I will Definitely try again next year (plants) - Robin Tomatoes, Window box romas , Tumbler tomatoes

Window Box romas and Tumbler Tomatoes

Robin tomatoes
SWC’s- Will do more next year

And okay Broccoli- I am determined to succeed instead of “Suck-Seed) with Broccoli.
I think some of my plants would like to go in boxes next year instead of pots- no problem


Farmer's Daughter said...

You've got so many neat contraptions! Makes my plain old garden look boring! Will you be planting a fall garden?

Robj98168 said...

Well I plan on it, Abbie. Of course I plan a lot of things, but probably yes