Saturday, August 15, 2009

Deer antler Dog Chews and WTF Whole Foods?

Wow a rave and a rant in the same post. Must be a slow news day!

Today I did some walking. And some shopping. Yes Ms. Chicken, you heard me- I shopped. I was reading the Raise a green Dog blog, today she had a review on Buckarooz Deer Antler Chews for dogs. At first you might think Gross! But Gross is Bull "Pizzles". Yep. Penises. For dogs to chew on. Given the choice I walked up to the Mud Bay Grainery and bought an antler. Now here is the thing before you all call me Bambi's Mommy Killer- Buckaroos are just a sustainable product- turns out that the Bucks drop their horns naturally. Just waiting their for some dumass to pick them up. And another Dumass to walk to the pet store just to buy them. And the advantage to Buckaroos are:
•the antlers are filled with marrow high in calcium and phosphorous
•they're odorless
•they can last up to a month
•the antlers are tested for bacteria, chemicals and contaminants
•the antlers are all from free-ranging white tail deer, mule deer and elk in the US
•the only processing involves cutting the antlers to size and packaging
•all the antlers are dropped naturally (deer are not killed)

So I feel that is one green choice for Romeo.

Now for the other issue-

Batter Blaster - It's Organic- except for the packaging!

Martin and I took the Light rail up to the Westlake Center, then rode the S.L.U.T. (South Lake Union Trolley) to the Whole Foods for lunch and so I could buy some Preserve Razor Blades and some Dr. Bonner's Tea Tree Oil Soap. While there, I saw this new product called "Batter Blaster". WTF Whole Foods? You going the way of Trader Joe's? Pancake Batter in a spray can? Cheese-in-a-can I understand, but is America to lazy to mix up some Bisquick and make pancakes? I sense a big product FAIL here. Of course Bisquick is not with out sin- they have the Bisquick in a bottle that you just add water to to make pancakes. Really are we getting that lazy America? Sheeze. I thought I was in Whole Foods, not Safeway.


Green Bean said...

I'm with you. I think this product will bomb. Or at least i hope it will. We haven't really become that lazy, have we?

Farmer's Daughter said...

I've seen the spray pancakes in my local grocery store. I think people will buy it... but I still make mine from scratch.

As for the antlers, Duke and Eddie (the dog) love to chew on deer antlers. They find dropped ones in the woods and bring them home. They can be a little dangerous, since it's the whole antler with points on it, so it HURTS to step on one in the dark! But they last years and years. I bet Romeo will have that antler for a long time.

mudnessa said...

I first saw Batter Blaster around 3 years ago in my local health food store. I bought a bottle/can for my fitness trainer at the time. He would rave about pancakes during our work out and how he couldn't make them himself so he only ate them when friends made them. So I got a can and he said they were good but he never went and got a second can. I just couldn't believe the product existed. I personally only like scratch pancakes and think I might go make some right now. That should please the husband, I'll tell him to send thanks your way. :)

Jennifer said...

And it's ORGANIC, too! Why take the time to make something so incredibly wasteful organic?

I've been eyeing those deer antlers... they seem like a really good idea. My dogs are still working on bones from 3 years ago, though... maybe when they wear out.

Condo Blues said...

But Rob, It's ORGANIC that means it has to be good, right?

*snort* :)

It might be useful if you're tent camping and have limited storage space for food and cooking utensils though.