Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vehicles of our future!

The Vectrix Electric Motorcycle

I was wondering about the future again- and thinking what will we drive? I cannot see us driving Hydrogen vehicles that soon. And Biodiesel while a good idea, I think smells a bit funny. Ethanol? Are we really going to grow corn for fuel instead of food while the world is hungry? I am waiting for something electric Like a new Vectrix Motorcycle. "The Vectrix ZEV (Zero Emissions Vehicle) is the first fully electric bike, it's great for the environment, and its low repair rates are unrivaled. And it goes fast. By fast, we mean zero to 50 MPH in 6.8 seconds." I think this is exciting! There are also numerous bikes like eco bike and I-Zip- not as fast not as long a range but offers a nice commute or ride in town. The scooter set also has choices-Neo Scooters offer a bit more zip than the bike, not as much as the Vectrix- For those who aren't into two wheels there is always your friendly NEV -Neighborhood Electric Vehicle from the Zap Xebra Sedan and the Zap truck. For the more hoity toity, one could go to a Phoenix truck"SUT" or "SUV" the only problem being is that you have to go to California to get one- but I am sure that will change soon. And soon, GM will once again enter the electric car market with the Volt. Maybe they have learned their lesson from the EV1, but I doubt it. We are talking about a car company here! All of these vehicles are Electric and yes they all have range limits. You aren't going to be taking them on a cross country trip. But here is the point. Most all of the driving Americans do is around 2 miles- to the store, to the school. To work. And that is what these ev's are all designed to do. And if we had solar chargers for them- there would be no carbon foot print at all! Of course some will argue "Get A Bike Fat Ass!" And I agree- but I cannot wait until the next generations of EV's come out!


Zenlia said...

What about Miles Electric Vehicles? They sell NEVs that are DOT and NHTSA compliant and have a highway speed in development due out next year.

Robj98168 said...

Imust admit I have never heard of Miles until your message post... Most interesting- of course I thonk that anything that gets EVs to drivers is good! MILES EV