Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I drove my Honda Elite Scooter to work yesterday, first time this year! Ran great, no problems. Some one asked me why I never ride my '67 Vespa to work because it is black,has no turn signals and a very dull headlight and I like to be seen at night! I work the second shift!
Anyway, when I drive the scooter to work I get an appreciation for the Bike Riders- It is hard to ride something on two wheels , especially when every a-hole on the road thinks he has a right to be in front of you. Then there are the people who just can't see over their dashboards- you know who you are, the folks who refuse to believe anything exists outside the realm of their vehicle. And don't get me started about the fools who think they have a right to speed. I started driving when Carter was president and double nickels was the rule (and the law).
Not to get on a rant here, yesterday all those folks must have stayed at home. The roads were decent (well as decent as one can expect with all the construction going on here)The drivers were polite, the flag persons friendly. Made for an enjoyable first trip of the year!


Allie said...

That's awesome! Last year, I fell in love with an orange Stella scooter. . . someday.

Robj98168 said...

Stellas are cool!

Chile said...

We had the opportunity to buy a gently used scooter at a killer price a couple of years ago. We couldn't think of any reason we'd need it. Now, we really wish we'd bought it for those times when cycling just isn't practical but we don't need the vehicle. Doh!