Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Garbage & Recycling

I got a big surprise last night when putting out the recycle bin- It was only half full! That has never happened! And the Garbage can was half full! The only thing I can think of is I am saving bottles to cut, and saving jars to put pickles in, and i have been saving and rewashing seal able bags(The ziplock type ones) that my tortillas and such things come in. And I save my cereal boxes to make magazine holders out of. And of course it is garden season so I save anything that looks remotely like a planter. I think some credit has to go to Crunchy Chicken's Challenge in that buying less means making less garbage! Go Figure! I came upon a discussion of recycling on Organic Picks blog And while we here in the fair city of Burien have a pretty good recycling program with waste managment, I wonder just like her if more or less would people do it if it were free, meaning if garbage service was the right of everyone and they were not charged for it would they voluntarily recycle like they do now? I wonder? It is easy to say I would but I have to be realistic. If they took all garbage would I still freecycle and do craig's list as much as I do to get rid of things? I wonder about things like that. I would hope I would. But still it was a nice surprise to only have half as much garbage! Has anyone else notice these kind of phenomenons?

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