Saturday, May 3, 2008

Clean Air Gardening

Environmentally Friendly Riding lawnmower

You know,I am about as bad in the garden as I am in the kitchen- which means I love new gadgets! One of my guilty pleasures is my lawn tractor. I really don't need one, but after my little heart episode in '06 it was the only way I could mow my backyard (after spending $500 to get landscapers to clear it) I love my tractor. I can just hear myself humming the Green Acres theme when I drive it. And it brings me full circle with my farming and tractor selling relatives in North Dakota! Now my little MTD Tractor is California emissions approved, and I never go through 5 gallons a year of fuel. If there had been a rechargeable alternative I would have seriously looked into it. I mean my regular lawnmower is electric, corded, but works great. I have two rototillers, one mantis and one electric, most of my yard tools that are powered are electric. LOL If I ever get enough garden in I can get rid of the tractor. But for now I am keeping my guilty pleasure. Anyway I digress- I came upon a web site called CLEAN AIR GARDENING, and it is very interesting how many powered yard tools they have- electric or rechargeable. And boy do they have a lot of yard tools. They even carry , (gasp) self powered reel lawnmowers. Maybe someday someone will come out with a rechargeable lawn tractor!

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Allie said...

There's this guy --
But I think it's really pricey.

Less than 5 gallons a year isn't bad at all though.