Friday, June 12, 2009

Six packs, collapsible tables and stir fry

Another great day at the farmer's market! I got these neat plants packed in a pop bottle six pack- Corn, strawberries, pumpkins and mint by one of the vendors- the B-town blog even did a write up on her. Very cool re-use! Totally compostable! On the home front-Instructables sent out a newsletter and how to make one of these neat collapsible tables

to take to a park- I have some Plastic PVC Lattice strips- so I might try to make one with variations! I might use pvc tubing for the legs and use some PVC fittings to screw it into.

Finally- I used up the last of my chinese cabbage in a great stir fry- chinese cabbage cut into 1" strips, a handful of pea pods, some broccoli fried in a wok with some sesame oil and soy sauce at high heat topped off with some Chile oil- very tasty!

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