Friday, June 26, 2009


A 65 Rambler Ambassador Wagon Complete with make out seats!
No this is not a post about the most embarrassing car my folks ever owned (A 1967 AMC Rambler Ambassador station wagon I couldn't stand when I was a kid-of course would give my eye teeth for now)My dad used to brag about the fact the car had make out seats and you could turn the whole car into a bed! Dad was so proud- Hey later in his life he owned a Plymouth Volare Wagon-
This is one of those posts where I ramble on and on. So bear with me-
Today I found another store in my area that had bulk food items- That is two stores within walking distance! Maybe one of these days I will find one that sells milk in glass bottles. Anyway, I digress- Cheap Like Me Blog yesterday posted a recipe for make your own instant Oatmeal, since I eat oatmeal just about every morning I was interested. I wanted to make this yesterday but had no rolled oats (one meatloaf too many I guess)So into the store I went and happened on to this Bulk Bin Aisle. I must admit I don't shop at this store (Fred Meyer) often so it was a big surprise! The Bulk items aren't cool like some of the stores y'all shop in, but it tickles me so! And they aren't much different than the organic bins at the Grainery (Health Food store) Just your basic grains, oats and other hot cereals, gummi bears and nuts- But it is an improvement! "Baby Steps" I sighed.

My Co-Worker, Billy

Also In a day of surprises, I found out my employer, nay my work group hired a Rent a goat company to remove brush and blackberry bushes of our property. I found out when my dispatcher called me on the radio, in a fit of confusion saying some lady called and she needs the hydrant turned on to water her goats! Well I had to find out about why she had her goats there, and of course, they were there to work! LOL I laughed about that one all night- I could be replaced by a billy goat- but let it be known on the radio that I took care of the goats at Boeing and all is well. Maybe I relayed that the goats are in the 20 building (Executives), but I would never admit to it. I'm but an innocent lamb.

Surprise number three- Sustainable Burien or "SuBu" as we like to call it is going to put in a community garden exhibit at the B/ias (Burien Interim Art Space). So I am guessing it is but a short time we get the word from the city parks on a "P-Patch" program starting soon!

And now finally- A word about Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. Both Icons of my generation. Every blue blooded straight boy had or wanted to have the poster of Farrah which showed her nipple through her swimsuit. Tame by today's standards, it was hot by the seventies standards. Farrah of course showed her real talent for acting later in life but it was the automobiles that I remember her and the angels driving. Farrah had a Ford Mustang Cobra, late seventies edition, Kate Jackson had a smart Pinto, and Jaclyn Smith of course had a stylish (for the day) Fairmount Futura. I suspect Ms. Fawcett was a bit like that Mustang- Cool, fast and no one seemed to appreciate it until it was too late. I remember Michael Jackson singing with his brothers on Ed Sullivan at the log cabin we rented on Whidbey island (yes my dad packed a TV in the rambler. We were a true 60's family) Anyway, like Michael or not, he remains instilled with me, particularly because we are so close in age. I will always remember him, not for great videos like "Thriller" or "Billie Jean" but for the little boy, my age who so confidently sang "ABC" on national TV.

Well that's enough of the wonder years for one night.

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Green Bean said...

Lol on the goat front. They are turning up everywhere these days.