Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chinese Cabbage and Garden Weasels- Weekly Challenge Update

Well let's see- this week sucks- I have to work this weekend (and next) so little time for playing- but I did get to a "garage" sale put on by Safeway Employees benefitting the Susan G. Kolman Fund for Breast Cancer Research and found a garden Weasel for $2!

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge- Year two, week 5

1. Plant something: some new lettuce, some more radishes, Stevia plants, cilantro
2. Harvest something: Chinese cabbage;Radishes, spring onions, garlic, peas
3. Preserve something:
4. Reduce Waste (recycle, reuse, reduce, repair or compost something): made a couple of planters out of Urn type lamp bodies; got a new hammock, use the old canvas one for weed block- saved the rope for use later
5. Preparation and Storage: Bought some mason jars, bought a “Garden Weasel" at a garage sale benefitting the Susan G. Kolman fund at Safeway
6. Build Community Food Systems: Took a donation of food to the food bank- my water district has a drop off so it is not as far!
7. Eat the Food: Chinese cabbage, radishes, spring onions in a cole slaw, Chinese Cabbage stir fry with pea pods
8. Cook or eat something new: Chinese cabbage, radishes, spring onions in a cole slaw, Chinese Cabbage stir fry with pea pods

Melinda’s Growing Challenge
Potatoes doing good

Cilantro in a container made from a plumbing part
Tomatoes seem to like the self watering container

MELINDA'S BUY SUSTAINABLY CHALLENGE: Bought a Garden Weasel at a benefit garage sale; did buy a new hammock- was on sale and I plan on reusing the old one (canvas) for weed block and saved the rope from it for future use


Red Icculus said...

are your SIP's nylon wick, or a basket holding soil that wicks up to the other soil? Any idea which is better?

Robj98168 said...

Red- nylon wick- no; Basket? Well sort of- I take small planter or tin cans to hold soil, put a cut up t-shirt in it. Sometimes I do take strips of T-shirt and make a wick coming from basket throught the soil- haven't decided if that is the way to go or not.