Tuesday, June 30, 2009

4R's Super Hero

It's time for a 4R's Superhero award. This one goes to Condo Blues. Whether it is re-using her father-in-laws scrap bricks for a flower bed border, or reusing broken concrete (he/she broke the concrete themselves) for a raised flower bed, Ms. Blues and her husband work and show how to re-use building materials in the garden. And I am sure Blitzkrieg, their cute as a button dog helps with all this heavy construction going on!
The 4R award goes to individuals who do something great for the planet by reducing, re-using, recycling or repairing, thus keeping items out of the waste stream. Not a meme, the recipient is allowed to post the fancy logo on the website, they don't have to print anything, pass it on or divulge any secrets of their lives. Just accept the award and know in their hearts they are a "4-R Superhero

1 comment:

Condo Blues said...

Thank you Rob - I'm honored! Now you know the secret of my success. I do all of the work, Blitzkrieg blogs about it and takes all of the credit. :)