Monday, June 8, 2009

Showing Support for P-Patch

One of the neat things in Seattle, is the abundance of "P-Patches" or community gardens. That seems to be a Seattle thing, where the first P-Patch is located at Picardo Farms (That's what the "p" stands for BTW. Here in Burien, Sustainable Burien amongst others, is trying to get the City Council to put in the city's first "p"-Patch. I am surprised there seems to be some opposition to it. I know the City Parks and Rec Department is meeting tomorrow to discuss the subject. The meeting will take place at 6PM in the Burien Community Center at 425 SW 144th St. Of course I will be at work (grumble) So I thought what can I do? Take a cue from Beth and write a letter to the City Council so I did:
Mayor McGilton, Councilpersons-
I just want to write to let you know that I fully support the small local effort to have P-Patches and community gardens in Burien. P-patches are important to a cities health and citizen morale. And it helps in these hard economic times. I know my mother, a longtime Burien resident, who recently had to sell her home and move to an apartment in Burien, would be very interested in a P-Patch. As a Resident myself, I urge you to support P-Patches and Community Gardens.
I really believe that a P-Patch will grow over big time here in the City to south, and I thought maybe by letting the "Garden Club" (my personal "term of endearment" for Burien's city council) know my feelings it might help. Of course I have to remember that this is the same group of people who closed down Low income housing while saying how much the city supports it. But what can you do? I bitch and moan but the reality is I cannot run for council as my work hours prohibit my ability to attend council meetings and such. But I found out that emails to the council must be read at the council meetings, so I thought give it a try!


Melinda said...

I'm so excited - there is a parking lot around the corner from us that FINALLY (after 4 years of trying) has been funded to become a p-patch! Wahoo! I love my p-patch, but it's almost 2 miles away. Imagine around the corner... mmmm....

Good for you for writing the letter, Rob!

Robj98168 said...

LOL Melinda- Mom is so desperate to grow things she even suggested to her apartment Manager that they do away with the tennis courts and put in P-Patches! Luckily my P-Patch is in the back yard