Monday, June 29, 2009


Roofing contractor Jason prepering to remove the old roofing

Just when you thought it was safe to wake up- you hear it-




After the last go around of contractors when I had the addition put on you would think I would have learned- contractor evil. So then I hired a contractor to replace the garage roof. Noisy but industrious, they had the old roof torn off in record time. They even brought a dumpster!
- already they are more endearing than the contractor who built the addition. The difference- I hired these guys or rather their company- not the contractor hiring subs. So if it goes bad I only have myself to blame. And I am not having the high blood pressure, hospital inducing heart problems I had with the old contractor- These guys are professional, came to get the job done!- I am so impressed with their choice of tools!They should be gone today! And I get a new garage roof to match the house! with a 30 year warranty! I would have gone with a tin roof- but limited budget forced me to go with three tab shingle. Oh well- cant have everything!

And you may ask Why oh why DIY KING, did you not do it yourself? Simple. Part of smart DIY is knowing your limitations and hiring help when you need it. It is a lot healthier for me to sit back and watch these hard working guys do what they do best than for me to climb up and sweat.

UPDATE: The roofers were done and gone by 12:30PM. COmpletely, everything cleaned up. What a great bunch of guys~!

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Chile said...

Yep, a lot healthier to hire experts rather than slide off the roof yourself! :)