Thursday, June 11, 2009

Safeway going green????

The usual plastic fare at my local safeway
Talk about shock value! Tell me it isn't true. Tell me they made a mistake! I was getting lunch at the Safeway Deli, and they put my delicious Chicken Gizzards in a brown paper bag! No plastic, no "Aluminum Coated bag", just a plain simple brown paper bag. Then I ordered jo-jo potatoes, and they put them in a paper bag! Is Safeway finally getting that we don't need a plastic container or plastic lined insulated foil bag every time we order some food? I will be asking around next time I go in. I was too shocked that I didn't have to ask for a brown paper bag to begin with! And yes I know Safeway is a big box food retailer! Do you think food giants can change their ways and become greener- voluntarily?


Young Snowbird said...

They will once they see that they save money doing it. Costs are always at the bottom line. Foiled and insulated bowls cost way more than a paper bag.

Didn't your paper bag with chicken leak? Or was it a cardboardy like bag?

Robj98168 said...

SNowbird- No it didn't leak- Well it got greasy but no leaking.

Rev. Michael said...

I'm liking the new bags because they show me how greasy the food is and help take some of it away, but I prefer the foil lined bags because they kept the food warm.

The plastic ones always sucked.

You canhave plastic and still be green. Although most "greenies" are too stuck in their own world to realize it. Not talking about recycling I'm talking about organic plastics, made with organic polymers. Just what do these look like? Take a look at your local safeway deli, alot of the plastic containers there are made from CORN!