Saturday, June 6, 2009

Chinese Cabbage and omelet

Thought you were on Chile's Blog with those unusual veggies? Nope. This was my dinner last night- A cheese omelet and some cole slaw made with Chinese Cabbage, Spring onions and Radishes all from my own garden. I took the Chinese cabbage and shredded it, chopped up the spring onions and radishes tossed together with some slaw dressing I made. And yes the omelet is cooked through- that is just the cheese floating on the top. The Chinese Cabbage made a good slaw, but I am thinking it will make a better stir fry-
My Favorite Slaw Dressing
1 cup of Mayo
a little vinegar (I used Cider vinegar), about 2 tablespoons
about 1 tablespoon of Agave Nectar
about 1/3 cup of mustard
Mix all together. Pour over shredded/chopped veggies and let it sit and marry with the veggies in the fridge for at least an hour
Anyone ever use chinese cabbage or have any suggestions?


Chile said...

By Chinese cabbage, I assume you mean Nappa? Or do you mean Bok Choy? Nappa does work fairly well for raw dishes such as coleslaw but I prefer it, and bok choy, in stirfry. Nappa makes great kimchi but I seem to remember you're not a fan of those fermented flavors.

Beany said...

Mmmmm kimchii...

Rosa said...

I love napa cabbage but we always put it into dumplings. Or soup.