Monday, March 2, 2009

Older But Wiser- The Weak-ly Challenge Update:

Well another year older, another year wiser? Got some nice stuff for my birthday, Not too much packaging (In fact two of my presents none at all!) So maybe folks are listening to me bitch as I get older. And next year I get to join AARP so I can be a card carrying bitcher!

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge- Week 36
Plant Something:Some sprouts; planted some peas for pea sprouts
Harvest Something: Salad Mixture sprouts, Lentil Bean Sprouts,
Store something: Some beans and seeds for sprouting
Cook Something New: Nothing new- except did use some of the apple pulp in my juicer in my morning oatmeal
Prep Something: Got to working on some new raised bed planters, and some SWP's (Self Watering Planters)
Reduce Waste: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair: Saved another lamp from becoming trash and turned it into a birdbath for my cousin for her birthday! Repaired the rain barrel again! Made some Luminaria from tin cans
Learn a New Skill: I learned how to use the new juicer I got for my birthday
Work on Community Food Security: Nope

MELINDA'S BUY SUSTAINABLY CHALLENGE: Did very little shopping. It was my birthday so I didn't have to; I bought some rubber washers to make another lamp birdbath, this time for a cousin who is turing 60! Other than that, and some art supplies and of course groceries- nothing new!

Crunchy’s Food Waste Challenge: The last posting for this one as crunchy has wrapped it up!I ended up composting two slices of moldy bread thatI wass going to save for bread pudding- ooops. I got a Juicer for my birthday- so now, not only can I have fresh apple juice (Yea!) I can figure out what to do with the pulp left behind- this morning I mixed apple pulp with my oat meal! And I Found out the dog likes orange pulp!!!Someone (Romeo) Chewed the corner off of a box of Vegetable Stock I bought for soup- It went out into the drain along with the contents of of the soup box which where in my reusable shopping bag.
Bad puppy :(

Crunchy's Freeze Your Buns Challenge: I cannot wait for warmer weather- I hate sitting around at night freezing. but still at 55/65!

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Jennifer said...

sweet, you got a juicer! nice. i'm asking for grateful dead tickets and a composter for my big 40th coming up in may. have a great day! i love your blog