Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring time blooms- Weekly Challenge Update

Plum tree with buds on it- ready to rock and roll

Ahhh spring- when everyyoung mans fancy turns to lust... or in my case rust.

You can always tell when I take time off from work- I go into a tailspin at home

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge-
Plant Something: Potatoes, Sprouts, Peas, some lettuce and some runner beans; Artichoke plant, Onion Sets, Some basil,

Potato Condo- phase 1

Harvest Something: Sprouts
Preserve something: Froze some citrus fruit to use for sorbets later, made some casseroles and froze them for later
Store something: Nope
Manage Reserves: Went through and checked pickles and other canned goods; got my apple trees and some strawberry plants ordered (finally) with the gift certificate I got for Christmas
Cook Something New: Orange Sorbet
Prep Something: Fixed some shelving up for plant starts in windows; Finished the SWP’s for my tomato plants;
Reduce Waste: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair: Made a fountain out of a lamp and some ole silver plate; made a “Junk Art” Robot to hold my recipes out of a Trader Joe’s Mint tin, some bolts, some Unistrut brackets; Mounted my Solar powered security light to a pole to make light for the dog;
Learn a New Skill: Learned how to do my will online
Work on Community Food Security: Saved some coupons to give to the gal at Sustainable Burien who uses them for the food bank.

MELINDA'S BUY SUSTAINABLY CHALLENGE: Garden buying is here- sustainable buying is out the window- Bought some lumber to make raised bed boxes, bought some compost and vermiculite to fill those boxes- but since that stuff is used to grow food-I am not counting it as buying unsustainable

Melinda’s Growing Challenge- Bought an Artichoke plant – not started from seed, but wanted to try one anyway-

Crunchy’s Freeze Yer Balls off Challenge: Not so bad now that it is warming up


Fleecenik Farm said...

I am jealous. Such nice green and sprouty things!

There is still a foot of snow to melt off. But soon...very soon!

happy Spring!

Robj98168 said...

LOL Note- most of the sprouty things are still inside

Verde said...

Ohhh look at those garden photos. I have garden lust. We have a fresh layer of snow this morning.

I really, really like your potato condo. I may just copy that one. I've been waundering around with potatoe sets wondering where to put them (they didn't do so well in the whisky barrell halves last year).